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Unread postby Joshuamarie » Sat Nov 11, 2006 5:45 am

Dear trickbirds,

I am sorry. We are sorry. Solan and I are sorry for holding your patience hostage, your good will pinned to the wall.

The film that Solan and I have been making about Califone is nearly complete. We expect to send the band a new cut at the end of November when they can breathe a bit after all this rooting and crowning and touring.
I got to see them in my home of Denver and was so impressed and moved all over again. It was my 40th time seeing them play--yes, four-oh--and, though they were without the limitless, indefatigable Ben, they sounded so so wonderful--Brent's films: disarmingly beautiful.

The film, Made a Machine by Describing the Landscape, looks to be around 82 minutes or so and we're hoping for an 07 dvd release.
Bonus features: yes. Studio songs: yes. the last version of (red),
some nasty treated Piano (everybody but Ben plays the keys in this movie), Joe's machines will destroy you; Jim's banjo work will destroy
what's left of you after Joe's machines have destroyed you. We will take
you to Slovenia and to Chicago and to other fine places in between.

I apologize that you've had to wait so long. You see, I've been writing a new book, touring on my other books, studying for my PhD exams, teaching at three different colleges, and trying to find time to finish the editing with Solan who is now just days away from returning to Antarctica.
I don't even know how to spell that place; Solan is returning there for the second time--and possibly for many months--who knows. He is doing something with something called a Zodiac. I gave him a bottle of Jameson and a hug. Goodbye, Solan. You will need more whiskey than the southern hemisphere can provide. You will.

Friends: may I thank you for your patience? Your patience has been tested, and we're sorry. No excuse can excuse our truancy. But I assure you our truancy is actually just tardiness. In the spirit of LIVE TONIGHT SOLD OUT (which i just watched today with my dog bella who was fascinated--whoah, see this again), RUST NEVER SLEEPS, MEETING PEOPLE IS EASY, and other docs we love, Made a Machine will be in your mittens soon.

You will need something to look forward to after christmas; christmas is always a let down. The film is for you.

should you need us:

yours, (thank you friends)
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Unread postby Wendy » Mon Nov 13, 2006 6:44 am

Thank you for the update on your Califone film. Sounds like you are wildly busy with all your creative endeavors. Here's hoping they all go smoothly. Good news for 2007!
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