Louisville show - June 11-2010

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Louisville show - June 11-2010

Unread postby braindead » Tue Jun 15, 2010 5:23 pm

Had to be down in the Louisville area over the weekend, so I decided to go see the guys Friday night in a venue called the 930 Art Center. Basically, it is an old converted church that serves as an art gallery/performance venue.

Not a huge crowd at all, but as always, a very attentive one.

Opener was a group called Shedding led by Connor Bell, who has been around the Louisville music scene for awhile. They played a nice set.

Califone came on around 9:30 or so, with a regular set, not with the film.

Songs were: Salt, The Orchids, Funeral Singers, Evidence, (then had to step outside for a moment and missed the next one...if anyone reads this, feel free to jump in with which song), then Giving Away The Bride,(even greater live than on record), Don't let Me Die Nervous , the next song I can't read my fingernail scratchings on my cell phone, so again, a little help...I know it was an older one, but just can't recall it.

The set was rounded out by a great version of Polish Girls, an even greater version of Bunuel, Michigan Girls, Slow Rt. Hand, Fisherman's Wife and Apelike. No encore, they had to get out, get some sleep and drive 6 hours or so to get back to Chicago for a show Saturday night.

Met some people after the set, including a really nice guy named Warren who is a big fan and has his own band called Softcheque. Warren if you're on here, say hello and hope your show in Chicago on Sunday went well...Couldn't make it back to Chicago in time to catch it. Talked with the guys briefly and that was it.

One of the best, if not the best, sets of theirs I've seen. A couple nice extended versions of songs, a nice venue and as always, a great night.

IMHO, even though the older songs are always great, the seven songs they played off Funeral Singers are standouts.
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