reality as a circle

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reality as a circle

Unread postby Linear Soul Child » Sat Nov 20, 2004 7:54 pm

found an old rambling of mine from another board written awhile ago, i though it was funny, had to share it with someone and you crazies love pretty things so here i go

"reality as a circle"

"hit plateau sigma on dxm last night, i don't remember all of trip but do remember laying on my couch in a deep trance, this is what i do remember, I feel i should share it before i forget it...

an x-ray of my brain at plateau sigma:

my brain was cut up into four parts, 1/4 sleep, 1/4 wake, 1/4 dead, 1/4 live, as my mind drift from endless possibillities to hopeless desperation, i was caught between both endless oceans and endless skys, galaxies the size of ants, ants the size of galaxies, mirrors of reality projecting what ever I wanted to see, I could ask and it would be given, I could seek and it would be found, it was very dark and yet at the same time very bright, whispers were as loud as shouts, hot was cold, night was day, as most people would ask the very same question I did if they were where i was than, the question I ask was "where, when, who, and how, did it all begin?"...

as I felt a chain reaction of events going backwards, i felt like i was in the book of time, this book was being read backwards in order to find the begining of time and as the next page turned i saw myself reading me, face to face.

you know that modest mouse song that goes somehting like "the universe is shaped exactly like the earth, if you go straight long enough you'll end up where you were"? well, i now belive if you were to make a big enough telescope and point it the right way you'll see yourself from behind.

sorry for my rambling, i'm still feeling the effects a good bit... "

somone commented on how he thought of reality as the game astroids, you just go off the screen and end up on the other side, thats what i'm talkin about.

any thoughts?
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