divine dream, God came to me in a dream

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divine dream, God came to me in a dream

Unread postby Jason » Wed Mar 31, 2010 1:28 am

I made this post in another forum, but I wanna hear more input, as this dream I had when I was fifteen is the basis for alot of my theology.

I believe and know to the best of my knowledge God came to me in a dream.

in it, I looked out my window of my room and the wind picked up and than I heard a choir singing "ahhh", than a loud trumpet blast went off, than a bright light came from the sky and my vision was pure white, I than heard a multitude of voice's saying "do you complete me...? am I complete...?" it kept repeating that over a bunch of times.

I think we complete Christ in the same way we complete Krishna.

do you think God comes to you in dreams? I do.
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