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I saw rrm play in a small bar in Rochester NY in 1996. After the show my brother and I drank and talked with the band for hours. I asked Tim Rutili how he writes his lyrics and his response was that he reads a large variety of books (including Tom Robbins) and his lyrics are a result of this reading. I thought that was very cool. They were some of the friendliest people i've ever met (especially Ben Masarella and Brian Deck.) Califone is great, but I sure do miss the sounds of Jimmywine and Bunny, which are, in my mind , some of the greatest recordings of all time. Besides Orso, Loftus, Rex, Sin Ropas etc.. does anyone reccomend some bands I can check out?
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Modest Mouse
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Ugly Cassanova; Modest Mouse, Black Heart Procession, RRM collective.
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Mark Lanegan, Elliott Smith, Wilco, Friend/Enemy
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