RRM thurstons remaster

Red Red Meat, Loftus and other musical synthesis. Six degrees of Califone.

RRM thurstons remaster

Unread postby captain23 » Sun Apr 10, 2005 8:28 am


red red meat

possibly 2-19-94 opened for the flaming lips

this is not the complete show.

i got this in a cdr trade
sounded pretty bad.
i remastered it (sound forge 20 band EQ)
it sounds much better.
CDR>EAC>sound forge (20bandEQ)>flac
EAC and remaster by captain23@comcast.net

1. rubbing mirrors
2. Chewin the Apple of Your Eye(flaming lips)
3. roses
4. rusted water

RRM were, by far, one of the greatest bands to come out of chicago.live,they were a psychedelic monster,stretching and bending,i saw them in 94 and 95 about 20 or so times,and although tim went on to form califone,i miss the days of RRM.

if anyone out there has any RRM shows please share em.
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