Binto Family Family 40th Anniversary

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Binto Family Family 40th Anniversary

Unread postby mike » Tue Jul 19, 2005 2:51 am

Hey Folks....I saw this today and thought folks around here might be interested....

Binto Family 40th Anniversary
Friday, July 15th at 3030 Elastic Arts Foundation
** Presenting the World Premiere of the First Ever oRSo Movie:*
*"First Egg: Transmission, Transference,Transformation" *
*Featuring (also for the First Time Ever) a Live 13 Piece oRSo Orchestra*
*Comprised of Past and Current Binto Family Members.*

oRSo's "First Egg" is a visual representation of the spirited music of Grandpa Binto, also known as Phil Spirito. Spirito filmed the movie last winter and enlisted various Binto family members to make appearances. The entire movie was shot in 30 second bits on small digital format and has a very ethereal and dream-like quality.

"First Egg" is the story of two lives and how they are affected by the presence and journey of this tiny little egg. Mysteriously carried from person to person in a brass basket by couriers, the setting and characters of this film are timeless. Few details are disseminated in this silent film giving it a more dream-like interpretive quality than a traditional narrative film, yet the film still has direction and purpose as a distinct artistic thought runs consistently throughout.

Spirito's Binto Family is the group of countless musicians who have helped to create oRSo music since it's inception. For this project, he has wrangled many of them to join in his chamberbilly circus to make this live perfomance a one time only event.

*To download a trailer and stills from "First Egg", please visit:*

*Binto Family Members Include:*
Phil Spirito (Rex, Califone, Loftus) - tenor guitar, tenor banjo
Rob Stephenson - guitar
Duke Lee - duketronics
Ben Massarella (Red Red Meat, Califone, Loftus) - percussion
Joe Adamik (Califone) - guitar, bass clarinet, vibes
Libby Reed (Coat) - cello, tenor banjo
Dylan Ryan (Michael Columbia, Icy Demons, Herculaneum) - vibes, percussion
Dave McDonnell (Michael Columbia, Icy Demons, Hats) - clarinet, baritone sax
Jim Becker (Calfione, Paulina Hollers, Diane Izzo) - banjo, guitar, fiddle
Karl Runge - violin
Carlo Cennamo (Him, The Boom) - alto saxophone
Jim Magranahan - engineer
Nick Macri (Euphone, The Zincs, Bobby Conn) - double bass and reeds
Julie Liu (Rex, Mint, Aundry) - Viola

*Who: Binto Family's 13 piece oRSo Orchestra w/ Herculaneum and Dave McDonnell Music performed by Quartet Parapluie*
*What: oRSo movie -- "First Egg: Transmission, Transference, Transformation"*
*Where: 3030 Elastic Arts Foundation (3030 West Cortland in Humboldt Park)*
*When: Friday, July 15th at 9:30 PM*
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Unread postby mike » Tue Jul 19, 2005 2:52 am

I'm so smart that I just noticed this show was 3 days ago....oh well. Did anyone go? It sure sounded fun.
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Unread postby benedetto » Thu Jul 28, 2005 8:20 am

It sure was fun!!!
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