st gallen 2007-02-06

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st gallen 2007-02-06

Unread postby hanwaker » Wed Feb 07, 2007 1:59 pm

only show in switzerland and tim shaved for the occasion!

a very different setting as in offenbach the band played to a seated audience of maybe 50 people The small number made for an excellent audience which even demanded a second encore!
lots tunes from roots and crowns (pink,spider,eyelost,kittensees, orchids, burned by c, 3 legged) and some old classics (slow r hand as an opener fisher man 1.000 000$, 2 nd encore golden ass) an abandoned song due to a broken string.. well just about anytthing you could wish from a califone show.
they decided before the show to be LOUD ( whereas in offenbach tim said before the show.. "we'll take it real slow here)and jorrit ( driver and soundman-- a dutch soul of a man) went with it they really rocked during pink and golden ass.. but there were also plenty of quiet moments and loops and samples thruout...

a sbd ( SONY MD MZ-1)and an audience recording(OKM --> sony d8)do provide excellent recordings... but tim would like to hear it first and he might even do a matrix mix of both sources.. be patient but at one point it should come to a bittorrent site near you..

also the local swiss radio showed some interest in an later broadcast.

we are not used to people likeing what we do
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Unread postby Adam2 » Sat Mar 31, 2007 10:06 pm

any news on these recordings?
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