Pitchfork 7.14.07

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Pitchfork 7.14.07

Unread postby Funnel cloud » Sun Jul 15, 2007 7:27 pm

What a beautiful day and a beautiful set! Way way way too short though Pitchfork!!

I think it was these five songs:
Horoscopic.Amputation.Honey, Spider's House, The Orchids, The Eye You Lost in the Crusades, and Pink and Sour.

Grizzly Bear was also fantastic.
Funnel cloud
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Unread postby Wendy » Sat Aug 04, 2007 1:32 pm

Yep, it was a glorious day! Nice to see so many people enjoying Califone's sweet lil set. Have to mention how cool it was to see Ben and Jim on stage with Iron & Wine (and Leroy Bach, too). Thank goodness for the jumbotron -- I was standing half way back in the crowd and couldn't see the stage much. And the poster festival inside Pitchfork was fantastic - between purchasing some gorgeous posters and a few more copies of Roots & Crowns at the record tent (I like to give them away), I had not one single dollar left in my wallet as I left after Iron & Wine, which was fortunate because I stupidly left said wallet on the roof rack of my car after stopping to fill up with gas, and of course it fell off as I drove away. But some incredibly honest person saw it fall off my car and get run over by some other cars, and picked it up, went home, tracked me down on the internet, called me on my cell phone only 20 minutes later, and told me where to collect it. :shock: And I had nothing left to give as a reward for this person's heroic efforts except a brand new copy of Roots & Crowns! That guy is so lucky!!!
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