a plea to people who care about live recordings

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a plea to people who care about live recordings

Unread postby hanwaker » Sat Dec 08, 2007 10:16 pm

i am taking the opportunity of the BIG action we have seen here lately to ask for help!
HELP in finding live tapes of califone shows...

there are numerous live tapes from 2001 and 2002, even more than usual from 2003.. but starting with 2004 less shows seemed to be taped or circulated.. this despite the fact that more people started taping shows in general ...
is the califone lover society less keen on hearing what happens down the road ?
i wonder and would like to ask you all a favour-->
go out and tape
walk up to the person you see taping or video taping AFTER the show and politely ask whether you can have a copy
or ask if the person taping would be interested in swopping this show for another
check your local radio station for broadcast
No one except me states califone bcast on the forum.. and i know because i google
go thru youtube and tell us what you see


i am still aware of a few shows i have seen listed on trading pages i do not have..
i talked to tim about all of these activities and while he always would like to hear what goes around he is also aware of the fact that tapes are being made whether he likes them or not....BUT it would still be best to make them available through our little network we have on this rather small page..
i would love to set up some vines to spread recordings in my archive to people with less access to bittorrent pages..
volunteers needed to set up trees

if you ever watch other fan groups you can see that more sharing makes more fun !

think about it
dream dreamless
and in the morning after the night
you fall in love with the light

uli aka hanwaker
we are not used to people likeing what we do
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