roots and crowns is...

New LP and tour!!

roots and crowns is...

Unread postby overbite » Sun Oct 15, 2006 5:51 pm

amazing. superb. cremulescent even. start to finish, every song creates a neato feeling...its well worth the wait. VIVA LA 'FONE! your thoughts?
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roots and crowns is...

Unread postby BandyLou » Thu Oct 19, 2006 3:10 pm

a) on vinyl, with a beautifully silkscreened cover, so every one is a little bit different. Mine is more teal & orange. The back cover looks like a local hardcore band's 7" ep that grew up and went to art school. Roots and Crowns indeed!

b) dubbed onto cassette the day I got it, and on near-constant repeat in my car.

c) rewarding if listened to repeatedly.

d) full of sublime musical moments. Like in 'The Eye You Lost..." after the first verse where the chord changes upward, and you expect a melodic or droning lead guitar to come in, and instead you get a crinkled guitar line that sounds like a cat with metal paws pulling a plugged-in and mic'd guitar out of a steamer trunk found in the twisted wreck of a coal- powered train.

e) packed with Califone's secret weapon, The Great Percussion Part. Starting with the bollywood loop of the first track, and throughout. Scraping and rattling, bossa-nova woodblocks and bass drums that swell up in yr head.

f) the best $11 + S&H I've spent in a long time.

peace, friends.
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Unread postby miche » Thu Oct 19, 2006 8:36 pm

it's like that feeling in winter time when you get under the covers and the bed feels so cold but soon your feet are warm again until later in the evening you move or shift your body around and you find that the rest of the under sheets is cold but this time it feels very refreshing. almost invigorating.

like sleeping in the wet spot.

like that little tickle you get in your ear before a piece of wax falls out.

like that tingle you get on your tongue from licking a 9volt battery.

like waking up from a bad dream only to realize that you are already safe in your parents bed.
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Unread postby .:.impossible. » Fri Nov 03, 2006 12:24 am

like a pat on the back from your little league coach after a pop fly to deep right.

like the look on your mom's face when you bring home your first report card with no c's.

like the first time you are actually able to play the upper register of an alto clarinet.

like replacing the ignition in a boat and getting the wiring right the first time.

like painting your face with ash for a tuxedo gig.

like a burning tingle circulating under the skin all over your head that disappears and is never experienced again.

like a pat of an alto clarinet with ash for the first time.

like replacing the painting circulating under the skin on your mom's face in a boat again.

like the look of a pop fly to deep right the first time.

like the upper register of an alto clarinet with no c's.

like the look on your ignition coach after wiring right for your first report.

like the upper alto of the painting deep under the right skin all over your head and is never experienced the first time.
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